manage transport

Manage of standard and special transport

The transportation of equipment is always a difficult part of a project. See more

Moving big vessels or tanks from the production unit to the site is sometimes more than a difficult task. But here you can find a solution in our face. We will arrange all of the details regarding the transportation of equipment with sizes that fit in a normal trailer or oversized equipment. Also do not worry if some special structure is in need of safe transport – we will design and manufacture it for you.


Documentation and clearance for transport

Every truck, plane or ship needs permission to transport the cargo needed to be transported. See more

To solve this issue for you, we will take care of all documents and clearances before the authorities. Independently depending on the kind of transport we will have to use for your equipment-by road, by sea or by plane, we will arrange everything and will deliver the cargo successfully.

document customs

Customs documents handling

The proper preparation of custom clearance documents is quite important. See more

We will ensure for all of them to be carefully filled to avoid any shipment delays. Of course, document requirements differ from country to country and from shipment to shipment. Sometimes this can lead to tremendous difficulties, but do not worry, we will help you.