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  • pressure vessels

    Pressure vessels

    Design and manufacture of pressure vessels according to the required design standard

  • tanks

    Pressurless tanks

    Design and manufacture of pressureless storage tanks and additional service accessories

  • steel structures

    Steel constructions

    Design and manufacture of various types of steel structures (warehouses, walking ways, etc.)

  • steel equipment

    Special steel equipment

    Design and manufacture of structures for special purposes and functions required for your project

  • transport equipment

    Transport equipment

    We will help you with all issues related with transport to ensure safe delivery

  • technical support

    Technical support

    Be sure that you will receive professional support at any time and any stage of your project

  • project monitoring

    Project Monitoring

    Information about your project in several mouse clicks - easy, simple and efficient

  • transport arrangement

    Transport Arrangement

    Do not worry about the delivery. We will arrange it, no matter if standard or oversized transport is needed

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